IT on-site support

A&E Techlux IT Solutions offers this service where our IT consultant works in partnership with clients, advising them how to use information technology in order to meet their business objectives and overcome problems. They work to improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems in various organisations, and have done for years.

hardware assistance

A&E Techlux IT Solutions are available 24×7 to provide the optimum hardware support. Our team has the capability to understand your complex system requirements and come up with the solution after troubleshooting the error. We have the latest models of designing hardware to detect and eliminate all kinds of issues on hardware.

24×7 it maintenance

We have earned the trust of our clients by offering solutions to all the problems on IT Maintenance where we provide  IT Maintenance Services, all these break fix services involves shipping a highly qualified and expertly trained engineer to the end user location. In order to investigate and solve all hardware and software problems.

manage your it needs

A&E Techlux IT Solutions provides an Outsource for all companies who need Information technology resources, these IT resources may include anything from digital data to hardware, such as servers, networking devices, desktops, laptops, mobile devices, printers, fax machines. Your IT infrastructure isn’t just a collection of different brand names, and we understand that. We can look beyond the labels to help you understand how a particular piece of technology, regardless of manufacturer, can best augment and improve your use of your environment.

remote it engineer

A&E Techlux IT Solutions provide Remote IT Support Engineers for remote projects/positions for our clients on a bigger scale. We provide remote help solutions for you with quick help and solution for you so we minimize your downtime. Perfect for smaller businesses, our Remote IT support offers a cost-effective yet unlimited remote support service with 24×7 monitoring of your IT infrastructure. We use top of the art Remote Support tools like TeamViewer or AnyDesk.


We take care of everything from A to Z when it comes to IMAC services *Install-Move-Add-Change that allows you to just sit back and relax. Our IMAC services ensure that the four primary pillars of your IT infrastructure, it is delivered from end to end. We provide long-term and short-term solutions for a wide range of organizational needs also our services are available to you when specialized skill sets are required to resolve a specific situation in your IT environment. Whether it is for a specific period, on demand or on a continual basis, we have the right tools and knowledge to meet your needs.

Cabling and Data security

Providing right electrical and secure data cabling solution for companies, is correct way and it’s our way to deliver as designed for your maximum safety and wide range of use in company. Contact us we will provide right solution for now and for future. 

home appliances

A&E Techlux IT Solutions provide the best on the market Home Security solutions, with demand where the data is saved locally on your premises, remote location or in the cloud!. A big range of solutions where do we use leading qualified solution. We do take care of it from installation, configuration and handover with simple instructions.

dedicated solutions

Small companies don’t need a dedicated IT Department. Outsourcing your needs to A&E Techlux IT Solutions will save you money, keep you up to date with technology, and allow you to concentrate on your core business. We can advise on ways to improve the efficiency and availability of your computer systems, allowing you to concentrate on your business​. We can also manage your ICT project portfolio through the entire project lifecycle from inception and planning, through the various testing the software which exist on marketplace and implementation phases, up to completion.